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Sabtu, 24 September 2011

“ PERSOALAN PEMBELAJARAN MATEMATIKA DI SEKOLAH” Oleh : M a r s i g i t *) The psychological aspect that found Reviewed by Siti Nurrochmah Dani (10313244004)

From the research, there are many teachers that use traditional method to teach students. It is using explanatory method, but us now that it has more weakness. Because the teacher can’t satisfy the necessary of students to learn mathematics, improve the achievement of student, and improve doing group. It also make the psychology of student can’t develop healthy. Because it makes students to be passive, get traumatizes in school and to be afraid with teacher.
To solve these problems, we can use many methods to explain mathematics in the class. That are (1) Exposition Method, (2) Discussion Method, (3) trial and given assignment method, (4) innovation method, (5) Problem Solving method, (6) using teaching tools. They give advantages to student whereas students is not feel boring and lesson will be not abstract when learn mathematics. So the lesson can be absorbed effectively. It also makes the mental of students to be not stress and accept the lesson happily.
The developing mathematics learning has good impact, but in implementation, the teacher has some troubles or problems. It must be aware by teacher and effort to solve the problems of learning mathematics with improving the competence of a teacher, so the output of student to be a good person with stronger character.

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